Friday, October 29, 2010

Too Young To Die

I heard about a 17yr olds death today. There are many RIP statuses on Facebook for him and prayers going out to his family. From what I can tell, this kid was extremely loved and will be missed greatly. You never know when you will lose someone you love. I dont know him or his family but I am definitely praying for them.

Here is a news story:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Having fun yet?

Who knew I'd ever enjoy being shot?

Over the weekend the bf and I headed to Jaeger's Paintball in KCMO. My 1st time paintballing.
I think I am now addicted. (Yes I want to buy my own marker and mask!!)

I've always wanted to try paintballing. My grandparents even live 10miles away from an outdoor field. Never once thought I'd be playing in limestone mines. Didnt see that one coming. Jaegers is located basically underground. It smells bad. Its cold. They play bagpipe music there. By the time I left, I didnt notice any of that anymore. Didnt care. I just wanted to go back as soon as I could. Which btw will be Saturday!!!

I went in and had no idea what was going to happen. I had the general idea of paintball but not the specifics. Yea I'd like to thank my bf for that... I figured it out tho. We got set up and I had started putting the gloves on and my bf said "You are really going to wear the gloves?", I say "Well shouldnt I?" and then he said to me "You usually wont get shot in the hand."... Well obviously this is where I was going to be shot TWICE. Thank you BF and thanks for providing me a cold bottle of pop I could use to ice my fingers. Is it possible to not know that your finger is broken or cracked?

1st game out, mostly a bunch of little kids, me and the bf. We are on the yellow team. Yellow team gets their asses kicked by blue team. I get shot in the shin AND my inner thigh. Boy does that sting. I basically stood in one spot that whole first game not knowing what to do. It was rather pathetic. But after 5hrs I was only partly pathetic. Im proud of that. Small victory for me. Total of 7 welts on me. I might have been shot more than that but I was wearing a long and short sleeve shirt. The only ones that welted were the ones on my legs and my hand. (Thankfully Im on a leave of absence from school, I need my hands.)

My bf has his own marker. Pretty damn expensive IMO. An Ion I think. He let me try it out. Yea I cant handle it. The trigger is too sensitive for me. I was fairly comfortable with the Tippman I was using. I'm a beginner, what can I say? I had the worst time with the mask. I have glasses and it just wasnt working out. I finally had to put on one of the hard hats. Then it was foggy. Anti-fog glass cleaner my ass.

It was a GREAT Sunday. I had lots of fun and the adrenaline rush is what I needed. We are going back on Saturday and this time I WILL shoot my bf in the ass. (He said no to nutshots... damnit)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Whoa dang...

This is the usual "first blog, getting shit figured out" blog. Today I really have nothing to say. SO I will just say HELLO!! (Later on, I will post some pics)