Monday, April 11, 2011

The beginning of the end...

I cant find the words to explain how I feel.

I could never be truly scared of you. But I will never forget that night.

The fear. The pain. Your hand around the back of my neck. The pressure point of pain. Nonsensical words, phrases. Within minutes, it stops. Finally passed out on the bed. I sit. I wait. I cant sleep.

Hours later.

The blank stare. The look of thoughts running through your mind. The red eyes. The tears. Your tears and mine. "I want to leave, I want to leave". "Im so sorry".

The drive to your house. The hand you held out. Walking through the door. Up the stairs.

Wondering why I was even there. Your words. My disbelief. Still shaken. We sleep.

Here we are now. You say, you say I promise. Dont make promises you cant keep. You will feel the heat when that time comes. If I find out.

It will be the last.