Saturday, November 17, 2012


One YEAR since the last time I posted some shit on this thing. *shrugs*

Uhmmm... let us see.

New things happening:
1) I got a JOB! Crazy right? I am now working with people who have special needs/disabled etc. So people who have Down's Syndrome, various levels of mental retardation, Autism, physical disabilities etc. BUT guess what!! I LOVE this job. Yeah. I'm dead serious.

My first week at my new job was spent in the evening at one of the residential houses. I got to know 7 of the clients. I am also pretty sure I got more hugs in one week than I have in one month! They are so loving... well most of them are. Some are just pain in the asses. LOL! I do really compare them to children. They grow up physically but not mentally. It has been fun!

I am working 12 hours on Sundays and 6.5 hours Mon-Wed. I am even thinking about asking for more hours! I get paid bi-weekly and that, I think, might be my doom. BUT I am glad I finally have a job!! Can't complain.

2) My bf will be coming home in 2 MONTHS!! I cannot wait! It will be 15 months total. I'm counting down the days.

3) My oldest son and daughter are playing basketball this year! My son's 4th year playing and my daughters 1st! I am going to be super freaking busy. Both have practice on different days thankfully. However, both have games on the same days. I am hoping that they will be down the street in our town and not 15 min away like last year. I'm excited to see how my girl plays. So far she looks like she is going to do good! This mama is a proud mama. I WILL be making player signs this year too. LOL oh my son would just love that. He'd probably be embarrassed. *shrugs* oh well. At least he knows I am rooting for him!!

4) My life is boring otherwise. LOL sorry, not sorry. That is all I have for you. This is my kid free weekend but I can't go out because, 1) I do not have any money for that; 2) I'm tired; 3) I'm just plain ol boring; 4) OH I have to go to work at 9am tomorrow morning; 5) Uhm, nothing else.

5) OH and I am just waiting for that first paycheck. For real. I NEED money like crazy. If you'd like to donate some, you can comment here or message me. ;) lol just playing... maybe.

It is time for me to take some melatonin and pass the fuck out! Goodnight.

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