Friday, December 21, 2012

LOTS of things going on lately.

Last Saturday my oldest son's team won their game 36-9. My son scored 4pts!!! He was so proud of himself. He is doing awesome in practice and in games!! My lil girl had her game too... Don't ask me how that went. Seriously. I don't even think she should play basketball this year. That is how I feel about it. She doesn't even really try.  *sigh* My bball skills skipped her and the boys got it all, I'm sure. She plays just like her daddy and he can't play for shit.

Tuesday I got a call from my youngest son's preschool teacher. She told me that he was complaining about his ear hurting, he wasn't playing and just laying his head down. She called while I had a group of clients with me. Talk about stressful. Dealing with all that AND my clients. I called my mom and luckily she could pick him up. I got him a doc appt and let her know. Turns out that he has an ear infection. The doc thought he had the flu from how he was acting but the test came up negative... THANKFULLY!!!! I guess he had a fever of 102, threw up on his way out of daycare, and was just sleeping a lot. He is doing much better today. It sucks when my kids are sick. This whole house needs to be lysol'd.

More fun today. Okay not really fun. My dog, Gizmo, was acting all weird today. He hadn't touched his food, wasn't running around like a maniac, or jumping up like he usually does. I called the vet clinic here in town and took him in to get looked at. The vet thinks its his hip. He is a large breed dog so that seems to be a normal issue. I'm hoping its not hip dysplasia. Or even arthritis. He is only 3 yrs old. The dysplasia can happen anytime since its genetic and also linked to obesity. He has about 10 lbs to lose. The vet prescribed him a pain killer/anti-inflammatory med. He seemed like he was doing better about 45 min after I gave it to him but apparently it wears off around 4 hours because he is starting to do the same thing again. If he does good on the med but not after its finished then he will have to go back in to be sedated for x-rays. I feel bad for my pups. I'm going to get him some glucosamine/chondroitin supplements for him. It's more of a preventative move since I'm not actually sure if he has issues with his joints etc. It's not going to hurt him. In the long run it will help him.

The kids' winter break starts tomorrow after school. I'M. NOT. READY. This will be my last free day off without kids until after the new year. Thankful for my job so I can get away from those crazy nuts!! I'm going to need it lol. I work Xmas eve AND Xmas day (dbl time!!!). I will be dropping the kids off at their dads for Xmas eve and Xmas. I won't get them back until after work on Xmas day. Not a big deal. They will have to wait to open their presents. I can't wait to see their faces when they open their presents! I actually got to go out and buy them ALL in one freaking day. I got my bf a 2 yr subscrip to Diesel Power... his fave magazine. I already told him about it since he won't be around yet to open presents with us.

Speaking of... 23 more days until he gets out!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas (in my case, Dreadmas)!!! OH and have a Happy End of the World Day Friday!!! =P hahahahahaha!

:kiss: :kiss:

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